CKD600A Underground Core Drilling Rig (wheel type) is designed especially for underground 360° drilling work, capable of diamond core drilling and other advanced drilling works. The whole structure can be divided into control panel, rig body and power unit, among which, the rig body includes rotatable base, sliding mast, head rotation and feed system, wire line winch and foot clamp, and the power unit includes electromotor, electric control box and hydraulic system. Also special mud pump can be equipped to meet clients’ special needs. CKD600A Underground Core Drilling Rig (wheel type) is all hydraulic driven, which endows the features of easy operation, precise control, instant transport and high efficiency in drilling work.

Drilling Capacity
Dia of Drill Rod AS?BS?NS?HS
Drilling Depth 1,000m 750m 600m 350m
Hydraulic System
Pressure 26MPa
Cooling Water Cooled
Power Unit
Model Siemens Y2-250M-4B35
Power 55KW
Engine RPM Electromotor 1,480rpm