CSD500CE man portable drilling rig is specially designed for diamond coring operation at remote countryside where transportation trucks are not accessible. Unlike the kind of rigs with a top drive style rotary head, CSD500CE is equipped with a chuck type rotary head which is much more convenient for diamond coring operation. With powerful torque and hoisting force, CSD500CE use normal 3 meter length drill rods and core barrel instead of those of 1.5 meter length. When thin wall pipes and tools are used, the depth capacity is increased remarkably.

Drilling Capacity
Dia of Drill Rod BQ: 600m NQ: 400m HQ: 200m
Drilling Depth
Hydraulic System
Pressure 28MPa
Cooling Air Cooled
Power Unit
Model Engine Manufacturer
Type Kubota
Power 24.5KW X 4
Engine RPM 3000rpm

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